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What is the Essence of the Spiritual Path?

I am between topics at the moment. Just finished a few posts on karma and want to write about what an authentic spiritual teacher is next. But the first post in this series is not quite finished and I want … Continue reading

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Good in the Middle: Understanding the main point of practice

In the last two post I have been reflecting on what essential elements my practice needs to have in order to be authentic and to bring lasting benefit and transformation. The three elements that are considered to be indispensable are … Continue reading

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Clarifying my practice

I arrived in Munich a few days ago after a week of traveling, and have been trying to rest and recover from the massive jet lag. I had hoped to make a few posts once I am here in Munich, … Continue reading

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Getting to know ignorance

My teachers have emphasized that it is much more useful to focus on understanding how ignorance works than to get lost in speculation about how it could have arisen in the first place. In his latest book, Uncommon Happiness, Dzigar … Continue reading

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