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Good in the Middle: Understanding the main point of practice

In the last two post I have been reflecting on what essential elements my practice needs to have in order to be authentic and to bring lasting benefit and transformation. The three elements that are considered to be indispensable are … Continue reading

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What is Buddhism about?

My wife just started teaching an online course introducing Buddhism. We had a few conversations about it which inspired me to reflect on this topic myself and start a new thread on this blog. The Buddhist teachings are very vast … Continue reading

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In my last posts I have been writing about how to find lasting happiness. Ultimately it can only be found if we recognize the nature of mind but on a relative level the practices of meditation, compassion and devotion can … Continue reading

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An exercise in emptiness

I am immensely enjoying helping with the online course in meditation that I mentioned previously, however it hasn’t left me with a lot of time of writing in my blog. I have kept my routine of practicing and reflecting, but … Continue reading

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A good time to reflect on suffering

Just as I thought I was finally shaking off my flue, which seemed to be dragging on for weeks, I got hit by another bug. It wiped me out for a couple of days, but fortunately now I seem to … Continue reading

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How Buddha gained the knowledge of karma

Over the past few days I have looked for teachings on karma in my favorite Dharma books to help me start reflecting on my new topic. I always find stories about the Buddha very inspiring and was delighted when I … Continue reading

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