Medicine songs that can heal your heart

My friend P’o Anyse is finishing her first CD album. It is a collection of healing songs to which she gave the title “Sound of My Mother”. She gave that title because her music is really about discovering the healing power of the earth, our mother.

P’o Anyse

This album has been a labor of love. She compares bringing this album to the world to giving birth. And like a mother she is giving it her everything without holding back. She sees it as a precious gift that was given to her that she would like to share with us to help bring healing and spiritual awakening.

I feel our world badly needs this kind of inspiration and so I offered to P’o to write about my personal experience of her healing work. I am hoping that it may help more people understand her work and inspire them to contribute to raising the funds she needs to complete her project. She has put up her project on to make it easy for us to help her.

When I started to write this article, it began to dawn on me what a formidable task I had gotten myself into. P’o definitely falls into the category of amazing gifted spirits that you really have to meet in person because they are almost impossible to describe with words. How can you describe someone whose whole life is about living and expressing sacred sounds, rhythms, songs? To really understand who P’o is you have to listen to her music and see how she lives and expresses the healing energies that she is blessed with.

I remember meeting her at a healing meditation and prayer circle near where I live in Hawai’i. There were about 25 of us and we spent an evening singing, meditating. It is the kind of gathering that P’o is made for. She is an accomplished artist in expressing and living healing, in whatever form it may be necessary, whether it means getting up and doing the most exotic yoga stretches, making amazing healing sounds, or singing inspiring songs.

P’o at a Heart Song concert

P’o shared some beautiful music with us that night and I still remember vividly being deeply touched by a line from the lyrics of one of her songs: “When I look at you I see you as me”

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