Merry Christmas

Today is Christmas day. I am just having a quiet day while most people follow the social rituals of this season … families gather spend time together, exchange gifts, eat a lot of rich and unhealthy food …

Amidst all this it is probably easy to forget the meaning of this day which is to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, who is considered by Christians to be the son of God, sent by God to teach the word of God and show a path to happiness and salvation. It is 2009 years ago that he was born.

As a Buddhist practitioner today I also think of the birth of the man who became the Buddha of our time,  Prince Siddharta. He was born over five hundred years earlier and showed a different spiritual path to freedom from suffering. He did not believe in a God and taught that liberation comes from truly and fully understanding the nature state of things, our Buddha nature, the truth of how things are. In Buddhism there is no idea of a God or creator but we can say there is a divine nature or a divine truth, which, when we fully realize it, sets us free.

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