Moving my blog: frustrating day, happy ending

Over the last week, I moved my blog from Blogger ( to a WordPress powered format on a self-hosted website. WordPress has more features and flexibility. For example, it allows the blog to have separate pages for information about the blog, links, the archive, etc.  I spontaneously decided to move after I found a design I liked.

When I started my first blog, I wanted to keep it low key.  My plan was to simply write on my reflections without making an effort to spread the word about it.  However, a friend of mine discovered my site and encouraged me to let more people know about it. He felt it would be good to have more websites about trying to practice authentically visible on the internet. My own teacher recently talked about the internet as an important medium of communication.  He encouraged his students to write about their experience putting the Dharma into practice.

With this in mind, I considered making my blog a bit more public. I feel I am not a very good practitioner, but I am genuinely trying. So I decided, “OK, why not?” As I am living far away from many of my friends, the internet is a good way to connect with them. Maybe some people will find a bit of inspiration here and there on the blog.

Generally, the technical transition went quite smoothly, but a few days ago I noticed something wasn’t working right. I could no longer import photos from my computer. Emergency lights went on! I had to quickly learn the hard way how to back-up and reinstall the blog. It took quite a few hours.  The fact that we only have a slow dial-up internet connection did not help. Unfortunately, after a lot of effort, I discovered that installing everything freshly did not solve the problem. It was very frustrating.

My wife noticed how much I was agonizing over the problem and tried to comfort me, but I just responded by being annoyed and grumpy. I just wanted the darn blog to work right. Period! After I tried the most obvious steps to fix the problem, evening came and I had to let go. The next morning I wrote to my hosting company and explained what was happening. Generally, they don’t help with problems running a site, but I asked them to check if something was working incorrectly on their end.   To my surprise, this was the case, and an hour later the problem was fixed. Happy ending!

It was a frustrating day, but I learned several new tricks about how to run my own blog site. In hindsight, I could also see how caught up and obsessed I became over the problem. That’s an even more valuable insight.

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2 Responses to Moving my blog: frustrating day, happy ending

  1. Kathy says:

    It’s interesting to see how you have developed your blog.

    For the past few months, I’ve been putting together a blog with ideas from a dear friend, Jampa, who is a Buddhist monk. I took what I found to be helpful excerpts from nurturing and encouraging emails that Jampa has written to me, in response to my questions/concerns etc. and put them on backgrounds and made cards to reflect on and think about. Some other people saw the cards and liked them, so I thought that I would share his ideas in a blog. (which oddly enough, has taken a lot of courage, on my part) I find Jampa’s ideas and suggestions helpful….basic ideas about living the Dharma in everyday life. So far, very few people have been to the site. I can’t figure out if others just don’t relate to the ideas, or if they just aren’t finding the blog. I don’t know if you’ll see this comment, but if you do and might look at the site and let me know if you think the ideas would be helpful to others? If they are, I can try to get the blog into more circulation. If not, I can just keep adding and be thankful that the ideas are so helpful for me…thanks…Kathy the blog is called Reflections From a Friend

    I have another site that has lots of dharma in everyday life “materials” that I use to help me remember the way I’m trying to live…slightly unusual looking pages, but I find them helpful ..again, not quite sure if others have similar ways of learning.. Pocket Perspectives…

    I look forward to looking more carefully through your site…looks like it’s bursting with good ideas and perspectives,

    Thanks, Kathy

  2. Bernie Schreck says:

    Hi Kathy, you have very nice blogs. Thanks for sharing them with the world and good luck with developing them. I don’t promote my blog widely myself, … just do it because I enjoy writing, so I don’t think I have any useful advice for you. Cheers Bernie

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