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Here are a few tips to help you explore the archives of this blog.

I tend to stay with a topic for a while, a few weeks at least. The best way to enjoy the main threads on this blog is to go to the links below. Clicking on these links will bring up pages with a chronological listing of the posts in that category. Start with the oldest posts, which are on the bottom of the page and read your way up. Sometimes there are more posts than fit on the page. In this case you have to click the older posts link at the bottom to get to the earliest post.

Below are the major topics that I have been writing about:

When I first started this blog, I began with a long thread of reflections on what Happiness and Freedom really mean from a spiritual point of view. To get a subset of these postings that focus on happiness click here. If you are especially interested in reading about ignorance, the main obstacle to freedom click here.

Then there is a number of articles on meditation. I haven’t done a longer thread on meditation so these are shorter threads or single postings. I would recommend to first look at How to meditate: Eight Simple Steps. Then there are a few articles on non-meditation which would be a good place to go next. You might also enjoy the two postings on how to work with thoughts and emotions in meditation.

More recently I wrote about Buddhism and the Essence of Buddhist practice.

There is also a short thread on the Buddhist understanding of ego and egolessness.

You can further explore this blog by going to the categories listing in the menu on right side of each page or to the Archives page and click on the topics you are interested in. Alternatively, you can also look at the tags cloud in the right side of each page for topics that interest you. Most of these tags will give you a collection of individual postings and not complete threads.