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What is Buddhism about?

My wife just started teaching an online course introducing Buddhism. We had a few conversations about it which inspired me to reflect on this topic myself and start a new thread on this blog. The Buddhist teachings are very vast … Continue reading

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Bringing the Mind Home

In my last post I wrote that ultimate true happiness can only be found if we recognize the nature of mind but that on a relative level the practices of meditation, compassion and devotion can help us come closer to … Continue reading

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How does ignorance come about?

Buddha taught that ignorance is what imprisons us. The Tibetan word for ignorance is ‘marigpa,’ sometimes translated as ‘not seeing,’ whereas ‘rigpa’ means ‘seeing’ or ‘pure awareness’. As I mentioned in one my last posts, the only difference between a … Continue reading

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Buddha is here, right now!

The teachings tell us that buddha is here, right now. It is said the moment you think of them, the buddhas are here. I often reflect on this and try to get my head around this statement because I find … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

Today is Christmas day. I am just having a quiet day while most people follow the social rituals of this season … families gather spend time together, exchange gifts, eat a lot of rich and unhealthy food … Amidst all … Continue reading

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