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Getting to know ego

My last post was about how ego operates. One aspect of understanding ego is with the intellect and the other is to experience how this unconscious identification with a false sense of self is happening in myself.  The first aspect … Continue reading

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Breaking out of the prison of ignorance

The Buddhist teachings explain that we are not free because we are controlled by our negative emotions. For example, in the reflection on the suffering nature of samsara, which is part of brief version of the Four Thoughts from the … Continue reading

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Getting to know ignorance

My teachers have emphasized that it is much more useful to focus on understanding how ignorance works than to get lost in speculation about how it could have arisen in the first place. In his latest book, Uncommon Happiness, Dzigar … Continue reading

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How does ignorance come about?

Buddha taught that ignorance is what imprisons us. The Tibetan word for ignorance is ‘marigpa,’ sometimes translated as ‘not seeing,’ whereas ‘rigpa’ means ‘seeing’ or ‘pure awareness’. As I mentioned in one my last posts, the only difference between a … Continue reading

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Making friends with the word ‘ignorance’

A good way to contemplate the natural freedom of the mind, which I wrote about in last two posts, is to reflect on what keeps us from being free. In The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, Sogyal Rinpoche recounts … Continue reading

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