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Catching a cold: a lesson in discovering non-duality!

My brother’s Au pair had a cold when I visited a few days ago. A day later I had one, too! Sigh! A vivid reminder, how we human beings share our happiness and suffering in this life with each other. … Continue reading

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Why karma is not moralistic

My last post was on bringing awareness of karma into our life.  Karma explains what positive and negative actions are and helps us to live and act accordingly. Rigpa has a wonderful free daily email with inspiring quotes from Buddhist … Continue reading

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Living with awareness of karma

In my last post I mentioned that I wanted to write about how we can know that a spiritual teacher is an authentic. But since my reflections in the last few days have been on karma I decided to write … Continue reading

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Meeting three old friends (or enemies …)

Reflecting on karma over the last few days I came across three old friends, to be precise, actually enemies that are disguising as friends. I am sure you are already guessing who they are. Here is how they popped up … Continue reading

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How Buddha gained the knowledge of karma

Over the past few days I have looked for teachings on karma in my favorite Dharma books to help me start reflecting on my new topic. I always find stories about the Buddha very inspiring and was delighted when I … Continue reading

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What is the teaching of Buddha about?

If you are reading this post chances are that you are a Buddhist practitioner. Imagine someone comes up to you and asks: “What is the teaching of Buddha really about?” Reflect for a moment. What would you say? There are … Continue reading

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Karma is calling me

We had a Tsunami warning today because of the disastrous earth quake in Chile. I heard some sirens go off briefly around 5 am but didn’t find out about the warning till about 7 am when our land lady called … Continue reading

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The logic of happiness

One of the main study texts that my teacher Sogyal Rinpoche wrote for his students begins with, “Regardless of who we are, the main purpose of our life—you could call it the heart of being human—is to be happy.” I … Continue reading

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Do we need to kill to live?

Yesterday, a friend forwarded an email to me about a mass slaughter of dolphins in Denmark. Apparently, every year a mass slaughter of hundreds of dolphins takes place on the island of Feroe. The dolphins are herded into a shallow … Continue reading

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How can I balance life with spiritual practice?

Life seems like a busy marketplace to me. There is a lot going on, we get bombarded with all sorts of things right and left. On one side there are our responsibilities. There is always something that needs to be … Continue reading

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