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Good in the Beginning: Motivation

Over the last few years I have realized more and more how stressed and wound up I am. That was a really good insight. It helped me understand, why my mind is wild and agitated and that it is expected … Continue reading

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Clarifying my practice

I arrived in Munich a few days ago after a week of traveling, and have been trying to rest and recover from the massive jet lag. I had hoped to make a few posts once I am here in Munich, … Continue reading

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How to change my mind

Over the last week and a half we have moved to a new house. It was a busy and stressful time and I didn’t manage to practice much or post on my blog. We are settling into our new home … Continue reading

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How I get stuck when I try to watch my mind

The first step in working with mind is to develop mindfulness and awareness so I can become more aware of what is going on in my mind. This makes sense to me, because if I am not able to see … Continue reading

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Meeting three old friends (or enemies …)

Reflecting on karma over the last few days I came across three old friends, to be precise, actually enemies that are disguising as friends. I am sure you are already guessing who they are. Here is how they popped up … Continue reading

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