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How to jump start the meditation car

A few of the students in the online class I am helping to instruct are finding it quite difficult to get down onto the cushion. I sometimes have the same problem and this made me reflect on what I do … Continue reading

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The wrong kind of “Gap”!

Wow! I just realized it has been more than a week since I made my last post here. I think that’s the longest gap I have had since I started. Gaps are good in meditation. The instructions say to rest … Continue reading

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Breaking out of the prison of ignorance

The Buddhist teachings explain that we are not free because we are controlled by our negative emotions. For example, in the reflection on the suffering nature of samsara, which is part of brief version of the Four Thoughts from the … Continue reading

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Samsara is being busy!

I am very goal oriented and like to be busy doing things. I get a lot of satisfaction from getting things accomplished. Whenever something is wrong, I want to fix it! In a way that’s good, but the problem is … Continue reading

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How can I balance life with spiritual practice?

Life seems like a busy marketplace to me. There is a lot going on, we get bombarded with all sorts of things right and left. On one side there are our responsibilities. There is always something that needs to be … Continue reading

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