Buddha On Speech: Receiving Insults Makes It Difficult Not To Become Enraged

Nobody is exempt from criticism in this world. Sutta on the path of enlightenment

It’s hard to keep your mouth shut on what should be done and what shouldn’t. 

It’s better to hear one helpful soothing word than a thousand pointless lectures. 

The wind doesn’t move the rock, either. Blame or praise have no effect on the wisdom of the wise.

A single logical word can provide tranquilly to the listener better than a thousand worthless words.

It doesn’t matter how many holy words you read or speak, if your actions do not match what you say.

Rather than placing faith in individuals, place your faith in the teachings. Do not place your faith in the words themselves, but rather in what they mean in the grand scheme of things.

Avoid being harsh towards others because they will return the favour. Using venomous language hurts and impedes your upward mobility. 

Developing our own advice-giving skills will allow us to better guide others. It is, in fact, difficult to maintain self-control. 

The payback of evil is inevitable for everyone who transgresses against an unpolluted, pure, and undefiled individual. 

Even the Buddha’s statements should not be taken at face value. Pay attention to the things in life that make you happy, clearheaded, and peaceful. This is your path.

Those who are adept at using polite language avoid offending anyone. However, they are being completely honest. Their statements are direct, but they’re never obscene or threatening. No one can ever make them feel ashamed, not even themselves.

If one word brings peace to those who hear it, it’s preferable than a thousand meaningless ones. If one line of poetry can bring someone calm, it’s worth more than a thousand lines of useless verse. If it brings serenity to those who hear it, reciting a single verse of the Law is preferable to reciting a hundred worthless verses.

What you think about, you become, according to Buddha’s teachings. What you think and feel is what you get. You become what you think about.

A thought’s hard to track down because it’s cunning and adept at going anywhere it pleases. Let the wise keep an eye on her; keeping an eye on her brings joy.

What we are today is the outcome of the thoughts we had yesterday, and our future selves will be built on the decisions we make today.

Whatever an adversary is able to do to a competitor. Basically, a villain will do anything to another evil to get what he or she wants. Bad thinking can be made worse by awkward thinking.

It was like, ‘He slandered me, then beat and defeated me, then stole my money!’ Hatred will erupt if you hold onto these thoughts. A person who has done something horrible to you will tell you that they have done something terrible to you. Hatred will be banished if you let go of your thoughts about it.

In the same way a monkey having a blast in the forest will seize a limb and immediately drop it. The intelligent man imposes the same reticence on his fluctuating, mobile, difficult to contain, and difficult to master intellect that an arrowsmaker does on an arrow.

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