Compassion And Generosity Quotes From The Buddha: Only a contented being can do good

The path you’re on will be illuminated as well if you turn on a lamp for someone else.

The best course of action is one that leaves no room for regret and yields results that are met with joy and peace.

Consider the viewpoints of others. You will no longer be able to harm others if you succeed in this.

The virtues of meekness and generosity triumph over the vices of wickedness and deception, respectively.

When a person’s good deeds outweigh his or her bad deeds, they shine like the moon as it emerges from the clouds.

By developing compassion for those who irritate you, even annoyance can be conquered.

Part of your business profits should be reinvested, while another portion should be set aside for charitable purposes.

In order to find happiness, one must protect a being in search of it while also seeking it oneself.

Educate everyone on the importance of a generous heart, kind speech, a service-oriented lifestyle, and compassion to renew science.

Let us cultivate benevolent love and extend it to all living beings as a mother protects and loves her only child at the risk of her own life. There are two types of meditation: Metta and Nipata.

To take the poison, you must not have a wound on your hand. When there isn’t a wound, he’s rendered inactive. People who don’t believe in evil have no power over them in the same way.

Don’t dismiss the good by claiming, “It won’t bring anything back to me.” The jug was eventually filled despite the water being poured in in small drops. Doing good, even in small doses, eventually fills the sage’s soul.

Those who wish to practise the law should devote themselves wholeheartedly to acts of kindness and charity, and above all, make monetary contributions. Giving has a lot of advantages. The religious merits that come from following the law diligently and with a sense of responsibility are immeasurable.

There are few friends of virtue to be found, according to a Buddha quote on love and friendship.

We help all the souls in the universe by cultivating love.

Allow yourself to be filled with an unending compassion for all living things. Sutra of the Nipatta

In a constantly changing world, perfection is pointless. It’s better if your love is perfect.

Let our unending love fill the entire world, from the top to the bottom and in all directions.

We all have days when we feel like outsiders in this strange land we call home. However, when our hearts open, we realise that we belong exactly where we are.

Do not befriend those who do wrong or are low in character. Seek the friendship of the best among men by keeping company with the good.

 So these are the Compassion And Generosity Quotes From The Buddha that is Only a contented being can do good.

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