Purity And Impurity Are Personal To Each Person; No One Can Purify Another

The pride that always says “me!” is hard to conquer. 

Greed brings sadness, and fear is born by greed. 

The path to immortality is paved with vigilance. Don’t pay attention to the one that will lead to your demise.

The pain done to the innocent returns to the tormentor just as the dust flung against the wind does. 

Calmness will help you overcome your anger. Kindness can turn the wicked. The miser is made generous by the other person. The liars are exposed for their lies when the truth is revealed.

Truthfully, a fool’s wisdom leads to his downfall. By slamming her skull against the wall, she destroys her positive attributes. 

Don’t waste time on evil; instead, focus on doing good. A slow-spirit doer’s revels in wrongdoing.

Some people, like the spider in its web, keep themselves ensnared in a web of relentlessness because it gives them pleasure.

Just as a goldsmith works minute by minute to refine raw silver, so does a wise man purify himself of his blemishes.

Even if someone makes a mistake, he should not be allowed to repeat it. Do not allow him to enjoy it. The buildup of evil is excruciatingly painful.

Until the evil he has done reaches maturity, the wicked enjoys happiness. As soon as he got there, bad things started happening to him.

As long as his evil deed has not matured, a bad creature can be pleased, but when it is ripe, the bad one is unhappy.

Let’s make haste for good! Make sure they don’t think about anything bad! When we do good out of habit, it’s because our minds are drawn to it because they enjoy seeing good people suffer. 

Only an open wound can allow poison to enter. It’s easily accessible to a hand that hasn’t been injured. Whoever does not commit the evil is unaffected.

In doing evil, man defiles himself, and in removing that evil, he purifies himself. There is no one who can clean up after another’s messes. 

Anyone who has the ability to master their senses, like a horseman mastering his mount, is admired and admired even by the gods. 

The evil that descends on a sinless man who harms people who do not harm him is like a cloud of fine dust blowing in the wind. 

As long as the roots of a cut tree are intact and strong, the tree will continue to grow, and the cycle of misery will continue until lust is eradicated.

As long as his good deeds have not reached maturity, the good man will see disaster fall on him. He then gets a taste of joy after arriving at his destination. 

The fool of unfruitful evil thinks it is as sweet as honey; but, when unfruitful evil bears fruit, the fool must suffer as a result. 

Do not be bothered by other people’s mistakes, misdeeds, or carelessness. Instead, take responsibility for your own acts and neglect. 

Nobody can get rid of their bad deeds anywhere in the world, not even in the sky, the middle of the ocean, or deep in the mountains. 

Other people’s faults are obvious, but our own faults are hidden like a skilled bird-catcher. We sort out the flaws of others like chaff, but hide our own like a bird-catcher.

If you value your life, you’ll avoid poison, much as a merchant travelling alone or with a small group of people who are carrying large amounts of money avoids a dangerous path. In other words, it’s a big deal.

We must be as close as possible to the one who exposes their flaws as if they were gold. We must adhere to the sage’s teachings, which denounce sin. Seeing a man like him is both pleasant and horrible.

To avoid a dangerous route, one should behave like a wealthy merchant who only has a poor escort, or like a man who values life and protects himself from poison. 

Do not dismiss evil as “it will not fall on me,” saying: Even if it was only a trickle, the water finally filled the jug up. Even in small doses, evil seeps into a fool’s heart and mind. 

If you act and speak without careful consideration, misery will follow you like a chariot will follow an ox. As the shadow follows the walker when he acts and speaks carefully, happiness will surely follow.

Whoever, when the time comes to be active and act, refuses to execute his duty, indulges in laziness, displays a weak, indifferent, inactive will, will not find the road of knowledge, even if he is young and strong. 

The wicked can meet with the good before evil has a chance to mature. However, once evil has reached maturity, it only encounters the wicked one. It is possible for good to confront evil before it flourishes. However, the good only meets the good once it has bloomed.

Nobody can undo the damage they’ve done, whether it’s in the air, the midst of the seas, or the depths of the mountains. In this world, no one is secure from death’s strikes, whether they come from above or in the middle of the seas or deep in the mountains. 

It’s like someone spitting in the air when they make fun of the good. Because spit cannot contaminate the sky, the source of contamination is (man’s) own body. Although they’ve changed, they’re still reminiscent of someone who throws dust at a foe who’s standing on the opposite side of the wind; the dust, not being able to reach the foe, returns (towards itself) and works to defeat the one (who threw it). As long as one does not injure the good people, it is just one’s own worth that is diminished (by wanting to harm them). In accordance with the teachings.

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