There Will Be No Punishment For Your Rage; You Will Only Be Punished By Your Anger

One triumph against one’s own is worth a thousand victories over a thousand adversaries.

A person who is in control of themselves has more power than a person who is in control of the entire world.

Rather than a century of timidity and resignation, we should strive for a day of bravery and ardour.

Many people are unaware of the need of exercising self-control while they are still in the spirit world. The fight will die down for those who grasp this concept. 

If you’re still upset, you’re going to throw something at someone. Only you can cause yourself harm by setting yourself on fire.

The wise man will build an island for himself that no flood will be able to overwhelm with work, ardour, discipline, and control.

The mind is a tricky and unpredictable thing to manage. He can go anywhere he wants by running. Dominance is a positive thing. Happiness is ensured by a well-trained intellect. 

It takes all of these qualities combined to make the wise man an island that no tidal wave can overwhelm. 

The ones who pay attention are exhausted by their own efforts, and they have no ties to anything in particular. Swans are seen leaving their pond, one after the other, leaving no place for them to take refuge. 

Carelessness and carelessness are indulged by the uninformed and the fool. The wise guy, on the other hand, values being present and aware above all else.

A wicked deed we have committed will have consequences for us. We will purify ourselves if we don’t do it. No one purifies the rest of us; we are all equal in our sinfulness. 

As rain seeps into a shattered thatched roof, so passion seeps into an immature soul. Similarly, love does not penetrate an educated mind, like rain does not enter a properly thatched house. 

Conquering tens of thousands of people is excellent in a conference; nevertheless, conquering oneself is the most glorious of wins. Instead of beating the rest of the world, strive to beat yourself. a guy who has mastered himself and maintains his chastity

The Buddha once said that wisdom that is hindered by ignorance will never be able to flourish.

It’s hard not to have contempt for folks who are uneducated.

Do not mindlessly follow my instructions; instead, put them into practise for yourself.

There are two components to knowledge: a quiet silence and an inner state of awareness.

There are numerous teachings on good law, making it difficult to grasp their meaning.

Even after putting in a lot of effort and learning a lot, getting to the phrase (desired by science).

The uninformed person matures like an ox, gaining weight but losing knowledge. 

A single day of clarity and concentration is preferable to a century of confusion and diversion. day. 

For all the time a fool may be in contact with science, the taste of science will remain a mystery to him, just as a spoon dipped in sauce remains a mystery to the spoon’s owner. 

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