To Be Happy And Joyful Is A Buddha-Quote: May All Beings Be Filled With Pleasure And Serenity

Altruism produces happiness; selfishness produces unhappiness.

When it comes to money and happiness, health wins hands down.

Whenever someone acts or talks from the heart, happiness follows them like a never-ending shadow.

The ten thousand joys and ten thousand sufferings of life must be welcomed into our hearts if we are to open them like a Buddha.

The arrow of one’s lamentations, complaints, and sorrows must be torn from one’s own body if one wishes happiness.

All of life’s joy comes from being open to others, while all of life’s misery comes from being closed off to them.

Using a single candle to light a large number of candles will not reduce the candle’s lifespan. Sharing one’s happiness does not lessen it in any way.

Reoffending or revelling in one’s own poor behaviour can only lead to further misery. When someone succeeds, they must start all over again and savour the moment since happiness is a result of a cascade of positive experiences.

Envy and hatred are as hot as fire, according to Buddha’s words on the subject.

Let no one seek damage on another out of vengeance or malice.

Hatred is a never-ending cycle, and the only thing that can end it is benevolence.

True eternal peace may only be found by letting go of all greed, hatred, and ignorance in one’s life. the Buddha’s teachings on the nature of reality

When you win, you cultivate hatred, and when you lose, you breed pain. Winning or losing is of little consequence to the smart man. 

Whoever goes after someone else’s happiness when they’re still chasing their own is a monster. After his final hour, I won’t be able to find him. 

He slandered me, abused me, defeated me, and took my identity. Hatred diminishes in individuals who do not entertain such notions. 

Hatred has never been able to overcome hatred in the history of the planet. So, let’s all get along and enjoy ourselves without harbouring any ill feelings against those who oppose us. Hatred can only be eradicated by the power of love. 

According to Buddha’s view of human interactions, we are not separate but rather interconnected.

Nothing can ever exist in a vacuum. It’s impossible to separate things because everything is interconnected.

The house would look like a gorgeous flower garden if the family members genuinely care for one another.

It doesn’t matter where you live; it’s your temple if you think of it that way.

We must adhere to the teachings of the wise man, who disapproves of immoral behaviour. Such a guy has nothing except positive associations. 

Knowing the unity of life, one sees his or her Self in all beings and the Self in all beings, and everything is viewed with an unbiased eye by that person.

As a bee flies away with only the honey from a flower, affecting neither the colour nor the aroma of the bloom, the sage is forced to wander the village 

He must focus on what he has done or not done, not what others have done or omitted, and not on their offences. Buddha’s fourth letter to the world’s population

It’s like the spoon that rejects the taste of soup when it’s paired with a foolish person. If an intelligent man spends even a minute with a wise guy, he will soon learn the truth, just as the tongue quickly learns the flavours of soup. 

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